Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to FAQ's:

1. What is Ednimbus?

Ednimbus is a leading cloud-based School Information System application. Ednimbus gives your school tremendous competitive advantage by providing a platform for parents, staf and teachers to be involved and co-ordinate. This ensures that each student has the best resources and assistance available in a timely manner to help her succeed!

2. What is a School Information System?

A School Information System helps integrate the home, classroom and the School Administration.

3. What is a Cloud Application?

Ednimbus is a cloud application and therefore your school does not need to buy any hardware or software to host the application. Simply connect from your desktop, laptop or smart phone to Ednimbus and you instantly have 24x7x365 access to all your vital information at all times. Ednimbus is hosted by the industry leader in Cloud Computing.

4. Why should I subscribe to Ednimbus?

Our primary focus is the Student. We capture all information that will help parents, teachers and staff to better coordinate in monitoring the progress of students.

Since you are committed to providing quality education, Ednimbus gives you a vast array of information tools to ensure that your students can excel!

5. What information do we save?

Research has shown that the progress of a student is greatly benefited by the close involvement of parents and teachers in the daily work of the student. We capture all information relevant to all stakeholders:

  1. Homework, Projects, Assignments
  2. Test & Exam schedules
  3. Test & Exam results, grades
  4. Daily Portions taught
  5. Syllabus and Curriculum
  6. Notes between Parents and Teachers
  7. Attendance: Absences and Late Arrivals
  8. Events and Sports Schedules

6. What hardware and software do I need to buy to access Ednimbus?

You do not need to buy and server hardware or software at all.

Since Ednimbus is a cloud application, all information is saved on a secure database on the Internet and is hosted on the world's leading cloud provider. You do not need to buy any hardware or software.

Simply connect from your desktop, laptop or smart phone to Ednimbus and login. The system will identify you by your role and display the information appropriate to your role.

7. How do I enter my data?

Initially you will want to enter all relevant data such as student records, curriculum, library books and so on. Again, Account Manager will be present to guide you through this process and will help recruit data entry staff for you. In the long term, we will help you set up kiosks on campus which can be used by teachers, staff, students and even parents.

8. How long does it take to deploy Ednimbus?

Ednimbus can be up and running in as long as it takes to enter the email addresses of your students, teachers and staff into the database. If you already have these on excel or other electronic form, the information can be imported into the database in minutes. Ednimbus is extremely user friendly and fast and therefore deployment can be done anywher from 1 to 4 days depending on how much data entry is involved.

9. How do I train everyone?

Our Account Managers will be available to train teachers, staff and parents. Teachers in turn will train students. We are also available for online training via skype and we provide full live demos of all functions which are available 24x7 on the site.

10. Who can see my information?

At Ednimbus, privacy and security are of the highest importance. Absolutely no one can access your information without your authorization. If you have multiple campuses, then each campus will have its own Administrator and no campus can see the information of another campus. Ednimbus will not permit any school to access the information of any other school in any manner.

11. Is my information secure?

Yes it is secure. We use security certificates from the world’s leading security providers. To help protect your login, we give you a visual indicator so you can set a strong password.

12. Is Tech Support available for Ednimbus?

Ednimbus is committed to providing outstanding technical support to each of its customers. As soon as you sign-on to Ednimbus, you are assured of a permanent, dedicated Account Manager who will have a complete and in-depth understanding of your requirements.

13. Who maintains and upgrades the software?

Ednimbus is committed to continuously improving the product and services. We will be closely engaged with all schools and will be analyzing each school's requirements and then consolidating the features and functions into each new version. We will provide each new version at no extra cost to guarantee a best-of-breed application which incorporates the needs of a large number of schools.

14. Is Ednimbus expensive?

No, not at all. We have priced Ednimbus so that it is highly affordable to all sections of society and can be used across all income groups. We also provide substantial discounts on volumes and the cost per student will drop significantly when the number of students at the school is large.